The Secret Hidden Within

It's been a while..

I don't know why I'm here again. Maybe because I feel like I need a place to write something. 
About everything -- that I could never tell people in person.

It's been quite hard for me.
to stay as who I am.
to be what I actually want to.
to exactly understand what I am.
to control myself.

I'm sorry,
that I've been so bad, insane and desperately dying.

it's been years that I had a time like this,
and to get people really understand about what is really going on in my head,
it's not that fucking easy.

because they don't want to accept it.
they accuse me for it.
they think that I made all this up.

but, hey.. what's the point for that?

I just need some respect and everyone to understand.

that's all.

wiltedrose.s xx

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