"Everyone has a story to tell. There’s a reason why they are the way they are. So, before you start talking, please look in me, in my eyes of words, where I pour everything that crippling up inside my only heart that still beating alive. There will be some connections between our lines where we could meet up at some point, understand each other. Spread the love that once we had. Stay safe & stay alive."

Happiness Comes After

It was a good feeling --
will always be waiting at the end of the grief suffered.

My days still full with disappointment, madness, but God always give me the strength, perseverance and patience.

It is a happiness in --
every drop of rain that God sent down is to bring the 'rainbow'.

For God's sake, get up. Because eternal happiness is real.
It is.

I know, this might make some people think that I was trying to make myself feels better,
It is, I am trying to console my broken heart that in every hardship, there is a happy ending too.
It is, I know and I will get my own happiness sooner or later.

I can't tell you when, and where. 
But its real.

Repeated in Surah Ar-Rahman.
Which favors of your Lord will you deny?


I slowly will see the rainbow. That You insert on a rainy day.
The happiness You give behind the tests and trials.


"If you think that you can not move on because you are in despair, Allah is with us, you will not lose hope." 

wiltedrose.s xx

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  1. Aku juga punya kebahagiaan yang ku impi :')