"Everyone has a story to tell. There’s a reason why they are the way they are. So, before you start talking, please look in me, in my eyes of words, where I pour everything that crippling up inside my only heart that still beating alive. There will be some connections between our lines where we could meet up at some point, understand each other. Spread the love that once we had. Stay safe & stay alive."

You were my world

I was your dream, you were my world

But now everything ruined

I'll leave all our memories,
and I'll never look back.

Whenever my mind flashback all memories,
I'll scream out up on the mountain.

Hope I'll never remember it again.


I'll burn the past,
and you'll never know.

Whenever you passing by,
I'll run away further till the end of the world.

Hope I'll never see you anymore.


Cause I'll leave everything about us behind.
you were my past.
you were my world.

wiltedrose.s xx

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