"Everyone has a story to tell. There’s a reason why they are the way they are. So, before you start talking, please look in me, in my eyes of words, where I pour everything that crippling up inside my only heart that still beating alive. There will be some connections between our lines where we could meet up at some point, understand each other. Spread the love that once we had. Stay safe & stay alive."



*Melihat langit*

Alhamdulillah, aku masih bisa lihat kewujudan kapas putih di langit nan biru.

My mind keep asking,
If only, the one who I always dreamed is exist.

But I know, 
It is just maybe dreamless.

Well, people might saying,
"It is impossible."

But, I believe that it is exist. 
But maybe not in my world.

Another world,
where I can wish it is exist.

-- Bayangan minda.

Apa sahaja yang kita mahu itu wujud?
Impossible for us, the human.
But it is possible for Allah.

He can do anything.
He can do whatever He want to.
He is the Merciful.

Who are we to not believe in Him?
We are just a weak servant.

Believe me, we are His precious servant.
If only He still called us as His servant.
But if not,

one thing that possible to be is,
Allah murka.

I still remembered what Ustaz Ghazali said,

"Bersyukurlah kita, jika masih dipanggil sebagai hamba-Nya. Allah memanggil Rasulullah, "Wahai Hamba-Ku." atau maksud lainnya, "wahai Kekasih-Ku." Panggilan "hamba kepada Allah" tu adalah yang paling baik daripada panggilan hamba kepada yang lain. Kerana kita hamba Allah. Tuhan yang Berkuasa. Jangan sampai Allah tak panggil kita sebagai hamba-Nya. Kita mungkin tidak dipandang Allah jika itu terjadi."

Allah, I am proud to be Your servant.
Allah, I am proud to be a Muslim.
and what I wish is to died in Islam. 
To died in a good way.
To died in "Husnul Khatimah."

I wish.

I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. - Twilight. 
And so I am fall in love with someone that will never exist. I wish, he will exist. 

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